Another prize for the F12berlinetta

There was further recognition for the F12berlinetta, the most powerful high performance Ferrari ever made, when it was named as “Supercar of the Year” by Car and Driver Middle East magazine. “Never has so much power been harnessed to a supercar that is also useable on a daily basis,” said Carlin Gerbich, the editor of the magazine, when the prize was awarded. “Very simply, it is the best supercar on the market today. The title of Supercar of the Year 2013 goes to a car that offers F1 power and technology in one of the most beautiful cars ever built.”

This recognition comes on top of all the others heaped on the car right from its debut, of which one can single out the double title of International Engine of the Year for 2013 in the Over 4 litre category and Best Performance, the title of Supercar of the Year 2012 from Top Gear and in 2013 for GQ, as well as the 2012 Auto Bild Golden Steering Wheel and Engine of the Year from Evo, again last year.