Astronaut Nespoli visits Ferrari

Maranello, 14 July – The last time they spoke they did it through a TV camera, given they were hundreds of thousands of kilometres apart. One of them, Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo was at his desk in the factory, while the other, the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, was in orbit around Planet Earth on board the International Space Station.

At the time they fixed a meeting in Maranello and today they finally met. “I am happy to have another opportunity to visit the place where the most beautiful cars in the world are made,” commented the astronaut. “I was here back in 2008 but every visit is a new experience. And then this time, I was also able to to experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari on track: fortunately alongside me was an exceptional instructor in the shape of Felipe Massa!”

Felipe was in Maranello for a few days working with the engineers and at the simulator to prepare for the next round of the Formula 1 series and he did a few laps around the Fiorano track, alongside Nespoli in a 458 Rosso Tristrato with a black roof, also completing a photo shoot for the next edition of “Ferrari Magazine, the Prancing Horse’s official magazine. “Travelling through space would be an incredible experience,” said Felipe, talking to .com. “Who knows what our little planet looks like from there. However, personally I prefer to stick with the advice that our President likes to give out: let’s keep our feet on the ground!”