FF delights CNN and the New York Times

Maranello, 7 June 2012 – This week, in the USA – which has always been the most important market for Ferrari – two of the most prestigious national news outlets – CNN and the New York Times – paid great attention to the FF, the four-seater four-wheel-drive model from the Prancing Horse, offering exceptional driving pleasure, combined with extraordinary usability in everyday life.

The balance between comfort and entertainment, together with an innovative formula, which, according to CNN journalist Peter Valdes-Perera unleashes “feelings, which reach the core”. Engine performance, fluidity and sportiness of the gearbox, aggressive and well balanced steering: all this turns the FF into a Ferrari, which can be used to entertain the entire family.

Meanwhile Ezra Dyer from the New York Times underlines how the FF is able to accomplish the mission of a sports car and of a Gran Turismo at the same time. He is amazed by the 4RM system patented by Ferrari – which is so extremely flexible to switch from two to four wheels according to need – but also by the car’s handling under any condition, giving the impression that there are no limits.

Both journalists admire the car’s revolutionary design, which – thanks to the brilliant shooting brake solution – resolves the problem of habitability without losing the harmony of her form.