A joint celebration

A joint celebration


The Ferrari Motor Museum is unveiled with a tribute to the great tenor Luciano Pavarotti

Modena, 18th february – “My father never left town, he staid right here in Maranello and people came to meet him. Pavarotti on the other hand took his music around the globe. They had two diametrically opposite approaches to achieve the exact same thing: to share their respective passions and thereby become ambassadors of this land to the world” so said vice president Piero Ferrari in a perfect summary of the idea behind a joint tribute to founder of the Prancing Horse Enzo Ferrari and the legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

Thus the Museo Enzo Ferrari (MEF) marked this day, the 18th of February, the day Enzo Ferrari was born 117 years ago, with the inauguration of the Ferrari Motor Museum. Located in the space where Alfredo, Enzo’s father had his workshop the museum showcases the motors that have made Ferrari’s history both on the track and off.
In the MEF’s main hall, amidst spectacular cars from the past and present, a film that encapsulates the triumphs of Ferrari and Pavarotti, two of Modena’s greatest native sons was screened.


Nicoletta Pavarotti reminisced about her late husband’s passion for Ferrari: “He had a F40 but sold it out of love for me, he was worried I would drive it…” Piero Ferrari and Nicoletta Pavarotti were joined by Ferrari museum director Antonio Ghini, the mayor of Modena Gian Carlo Muzzarelli and the president of the region of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini . The latter two emphasized that the coming Milan EXPO is also an opportunity to show off the many cultural and gastronomic attractions of Modena and the Emilia Romagna region.