A lesson by Montezemolo

A lesson by Montezemolo


Maranello, 21th  March

There was a lesson with a really special teacher today for 80 students of the Liceo Economico Sociale ‘Margherita di Savoia’ in Rome’s popular Appio – San Giovanni district.

Taking on the role of teacher to speak about ‘Youth and enterprise’ was Luca di Montezemolo, who left behind his responsibilities at Ferrari for one morning to meet the students. There was little formality but plenty of substance in the words of the Ferrari President, who wanted to tell the young people all about his personal and professional experiences. He dwelt over his years of study and the importance of school, underlining how crucial a stable education is for any kind of professional expertise. Another key word used today was merit: the best have to be able to make progress.


Montezemolo also spoke of what it’s like to be at Ferrari, talking about Formula Uomo, the programme that keeps people and their needs first, which has contributed to make the company the best place to work in Europe.

There were many questions from the students: from one who asked how you build a Ferrari to another who found out about the presence of work psychologists in the factory, to Formula 1 to name but a few… it was a genuine torrent of queries from which Montezemolo did not shy away. The meeting ended with a short session of autographing the caps which had been given to the youngsters before an invitation from Montezemolo: ‘Look forward to seeing you at Maranello…”