Mugello paying tribute to 150 years of italian unity

Mugello, 24 June – The Mugello circuit will present itself in a different and very special look for the upcoming Italian Grand Prix in the Moto GP Championship: not only because of the new grandstands and the complete resurfacing of the track itself, but mainly due to the kerbs’ new colours. “After 20 years with the traditional colours of the Mugello track in red and yellow – the official colours of Ferrari, the owner of the track – we decided to pay a tribute to our nation during this significant year,” said Paolo Poli, CEO at the Mugello circuit. So for the 150 years of Italian unity the kerbs in Mugello will sport the colours of the Italian flag for the Grand Prix on 3 July: white, red and green.

“A big, tricoloured hug will welcome drivers and spectators to this amazing motorsport event,” Poli continued. “As the traditional track of the Italian Moto GP and organisers of a motorsport event with international visibility, we feel the responsibility to present our country to the world. The kerbs’ new colours are an homage to this fundamental date for our national identity.”