Niki Lauda and Ron Howard in Maranello for film about the challenge with James Hunt in the dramatic F1 season of 1976

Maranello, 27 October – As of February 2012 a film about the human and motorsport aspects of the Formula 1 season 1976 will be shot.

1976 was the year when Niki Lauda, World Champion with Ferrari, had his terrible accident at the Nürburgring. For him, it seemed to be the end of his career, but only a few weeks later Lauda was back on the track to defend his title, challenged by Englishman James Hunt.

When it seemed that he had made it, right at the last race, at the Japanese GP, Lauda had the courage to show his fears regarding another possible accident due to the track, which was unusable due to the heavy rain. Lauda decided to resign and victory in the Championship went to Hunt.

This story will come to the big screen, directed by the famous director Ron Howard (Apollo13, A beautiful Mind, Da Vinci Code and other successful feature films). Yesterday Howard met Ferrari Chairman Montezemolo in Maranello together with Niki Lauda himself, producer Eric Fellner and screenwriter Peter Morgan.

The Ferrari Chairman, who was Head of the Scuderia in these years, experiencing Lauda’s dramatic accident and the human aspects first hand, carefully listened to the project’s contents and explanations of the screenplay. Later on Niki Lauda took Ron Howard onto the Fiorano race track, personally driving an FF, which completely delighted him.

The film will be titled Rush, which incorporates the moment of uncertainty with which this turbulent Championship came to an end.