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Driving courses for  continuous progress

Corso Pilota programs have been developed not only as intensive instruction for drivers at every level of experience, but also as an opportunity to participate in the thrill and pleasure of driving a Ferrari on-track. To understand the true capabilities and mechanical prowess that comes from every Ferrari driving on the track with skilled instruction and personal coaching is a must. Courses are offered in North America and Europe.


Corsi di guida-mobile


Corso Pilota is an exclusive two-day precision driving school that allows Ferrari owners and their guests to experience the performance of a variety of Ferraris in the controlled environment of a professional race track. Offered since 2006 in Mont Tremblant, Canada, in Austin, Texas since 2013, and The Thermal Club, new for 2017, these courses are North American equivalents of the Corso Pilota programs available in Italy.


Multiple Levels A Continuing Evolution of Driving Mastery

Four different two-day courses are available in North America for progressive learning to build precision driving skills for personal enjoyment or to eventually become a driver of a Ferrari Challenge racing car. Owners must complete each prerequisite course before advancing to the next level.

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