About Us


Ferrari Financial Services (FFS) offers you what other lenders cannot—a distinctly Ferrari experience.

Through FSS, Ferrari purchasers can expertly manage capital preservation and tax implications. Our direct connection with Ferrari provides both new and pre-owned Ferrari owners with access to current market dynamics, exclusive factory resources, and first-hand expertise that simply cannot be matched. To explore our payment options, and Collector Programs see below.

Your authorized Ferrari dealer representative remains available for any inquiries.
Direct Contact: 201-510-2500

Payment Options


An intelligent and easy option for the customer who wants the satisfaction of driving a Ferrari, but with limited investment over the term of the contract. Lease terms range from 13 to 60 months, multiple mileage options which can be open-ended or closed-ended.


An excellent choice for those who want the unparalleled feeling of Ferrari ownership but with a significantly lower out-of-pocket expense at the time of purchase. Both conventional loans (make a down payment, then regular monthly payments for the duration of the loan’s term) and balloon payments (make a low down payment, then low monthly payments and a larger payment at the end of the loan’s term) are offered.

 Automated Clearing House

Enjoy your Ferrari without the hassle of payment reminders using the automatic payment withdrawal plan through FFS and ACH.

Collections Program


This program offers owners a line of credit based on the equity in a single Ferrari or collection of Ferraris.

The FerrariSelect Credit line is an exclusive offer for owners interested in utilizing the equity in their collection, whether their goal is to acquire additional classic Ferraris or simply to provide liquidity for other business ventures. Credit lines begin at a minimum of $500,000 with a maximum line contingent upon the value of the individual collection


This program offers a fixed-term loan based on the equity of a single vehicle in a collection (available for Ferrari and non-Ferrari vehicles.)

FerrariDirect is an exclusive financing program designed specifically for vintage and collectible Ferrari owners. DirectFerrari was developed to provide these collectors with a unique financing option that offers flexible contract terms and competitive financing rates. These simple-interest loans are provided without origination or early termination fees.