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    As the most extremely-focused Ferrari V8 sports car in history, the 458 Speciale bristles with technical solutions that make it unique for owners seeking an even more extreme sports car. Innovations span the entire car, including Ferrari patents and world firsts.

    458 Speciale

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    With lightning reflexes, the 458 Speciale responds to driver input. Perhaps anticipates it. On the road or track, drivers will immediately meld into the seat and discern the synaptic immediacy of all major controls. Razor-sharp handling balance delivers an intense driving experience in the 458 Speciale, Ferrari’s highest performance V8.

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    Compact, sculpted, performance-shaped forms have top priority at the Ferrari Style Center and Pininfarina.


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    Focus on the essential

    A strong racing-derived atmosphere permeates the cockpit. Exclusive, lightweight materials dominate. Yet, craftsmanship sophistication and hand-stitched leathers expected in such an exclusive Ferrari abound. Styling retains the 458 Italia's aesthetic sense, with some materials and forms actually overlapping for visual interest.


    The glove compartment is replaced with pockets on the tunnel and doors. The familiar Ferrari console bridge with F1 gearbox controls is formed from a carbon-fiber wing, placed at the ideal ergonomic angle to the driver.

    Sabelt seats use carbon-fiber shells for strength and light weight. Prodigious side bolstering keeps driver and passenger securely placed during rigorous driving. With Alcantara-trimmed shoulder rests, the seats also provide excellent surface grip. A breathable 3D fabric provides welcomed circulation from the backrests and seat bottoms.


    Form = performance

    Most of the 458 Speciale bodywork is redesigned without modifying either the passenger cell or the signature design features of the 458 Italia. Glass thickness is reduced to cut weight, while the rear window is now Lexan©. Bumpers have been redesigned and the hood uses two deep air outlets to channel away air exiting the radiator. Air outlets at the sides of the headlight assemblies now also include three louvers reminiscent of the 250 GTO and F40.




    At 597 hp, the 458 Speciale's 4.5-liter V8 hits another magic number: 133 hp per liter, a world record.

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    A Ferrari this special demands an exceptional engine. Making 597 hp at 9000 rpm, it the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 ever built at Maranello. Specific output - horsepower per liter of displacement - is a world record for a road-going, naturally aspirated engine, at 133 hp per liter. Combing through the entire sports car for weight loss also results in an exceptional power-to-weight ratio of 5.15 pounds per hp. That all helps to log astounding performance numbers: 0-62 mph acceleration in 3 seconds flat; 0-124 mph in just 9.1 seconds and a Fiorano lap time of 1:23.5.

    To generate the additional power over the 458 Italia's engine, every component was ambitiously re-examined. Compression rises to 14.0:1 with new pistons, combustion chamber shape is revised, a carbon-fiber intake manifold uses shorter runners, intake ports are reshaped, new camshafts net greater intake and exhaust valve lift and a new airbox made from carbon-fiber is employed. Individually, all subtle changes. As a group, they equal an increase of 35 hp.

    Ferrari drew heavily on its extensive F1 knowledge at the design, process and control stages. The engine is produced by factory’s in-house foundry using the same processes and machinery employed by the F1 team, delivering complex components with hyper-critical accuracy.

    Optimized combustion chambers and new crankshaft geometry for more frequent high-rpm operation, new intake geometry, and new cam profiles are just some of the work that allowed designers to meet targets. Revised materials with new pistons and connecting rod bushings also play a part. And Ferrari is always weight-conscious. The new carbon-fiber intake manifold and airbox remove 17.6 pounds from the engine compartment.

    This very special engine has an equally unique soundtrack. Seductive and uncompromising both inside and outside the car thanks to the position of the tailpipes, the muffler configuration and the redesigned intake system.


    The 458 Speciale is the most aero-efficient production Ferrari ever.

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    The 458 Speciale’s extraordinary aerodynamic efficiency at a coefficient of 1.5, is the best in Ferrari production car history. A string of advances yield a high downforce value (Cl: 0.53) while keeping drag very low (Cd: 0.35). The Speciale's patented active aerodynamics play a fundamental part in adopting different configurations to deliver maximum downforce in cornering and minimum drag on straights.

    At the front of the car are two vertical flaps in the center with a horizontal flap below them. At low speed, the flaps remain closed, channelling air into the radiators. However, at speeds over 105 mph, the flaps open, reducing air flowing into the radiators, reducing drag. At speeds of over 137 mph, the horizontal flap lowers to balance downforce between the front and rear axles, creating a 20 percent shift in overall downforce towards the rear.

    Part of the overall increase in downforce is a result of the turning vanes at either side of the front bumper plus aerodynamic fins. The front air dam and the hump at the start of the flat underbody reduce pressure. A larger and more exaggerated rear spoiler creates additional rear downforce. The 458 Italia’s signature trio of central exhaust pipes are replaced with two exhausts located further apart and higher, in similar fashion to the F430 Scuderia's exhausts. With the aforementioned trio gone, a taller underbody diffuser can be fitted to create additional downforce. Active rear flaps raise and lower electronically as required to prioritize downforce or low drag; a similar principle to the one used in F1 with DRS or Drag Reduction System.

    Vehicle  Dynamics


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    Ferrari’s designers set a lofty goal with the 458 Speciale, but one with a new twist. Provide an extraordinarily intense driving experience, but do so in a way that makes the edge of the performance envelope a bit more approachable and allow clients to improve their skills through technology. Electronics, brakes, suspension and tires all feature new technological innovations that deliver outstanding performance. These not only improve time elapsed over single laps, but also build a repeatability of that performance on subsequent laps for non-professional drivers, offering breath-taking exhilaration. Response to steering input of 0.060 seconds and lateral acceleration of 1.33 g break the record for a Ferrari production car.

    Side Slip Control (SSC)

    The 458 Speciale debuts the all-new Side Slip Control (SSC). This new sophisticated and powerful tool instantaneously calculates the 458 Speciale's side slip angle as a variance to the driver's intended line through a corner, comparing it with reference data. Torque management to both rear wheels is optimized while differential torque is distributed more strategically. With the Manettino set at RACE or CT OFF, the 458 Speciale then makes the most of available grip for improved acceleration out of corners, greater ease and control on the limit, and more consistent performance.

    Gear-shift strategy

    The 458 Speciale’s F1 dual-clutch transmission delivers with more urgency. Response times quicken, with 20 percent faster upshifts and 44 percent faster downshifts.

    Every braking component has evolved from the solutions introduced on the LaFerrari. New Extreme Design calipers, HT2 discs with greater silicon content, and new front pads result in 8 percent shorter stopping distances than the 458 Italia and more consistent performance under severe use.

    Frequency-shaped SCM-E

    On-the-limit driving is easier, faster and sharper thanks to incredibly fast suspension and steering response times combined with more precise body control. Fundamental to this are Frequency-Shaped SCM-E (Frs SCM-E) dampers, which have twin solenoids, a new CPU and new software that modifies the magnetic field inside them every millisecond.

    Wheels and tires

    Ferrari and Michelin co-developed specific tires for the 458 Speciale. Generating 6 percent more grip than the 458 Italia's, the new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires feature a compound with additives that boost performance over single laps in the dry, consistency over multiple laps, and wet grip. The specially-designed forged 20-inch wheels are also 26.4 pounds lighter than the 458 Italia wheels.


    V8 engine








    1.33 G

    Type V8 - 90°
    Bore and stroke 94 x 81 mm (3.7 x 3.2 in)
    Overall displacement 4497 cm3
    Compression ratio 14:1
    Maximum power** 445 kW (605 cv) at 9000 rpm
    Specific power output 135 cv/l
    Maximum torque 540 Nm at 6000 rpm
    Maximum revs (limiter) 9000 rpm
    **Including 3.7 kW by ram effect
    Length 4571 mm
    Width 1951 mm
    Height 1203 mm
    Wheelbase 2650 mm
    Front track 1679 mm
    Rear track 1632 mm
    Dry weight* 1290 kg
    Kerb weight* 1395 kg
    Weight distribution 42% front, 58% rear
    Weight/power ratio 2.13 kg/cv
    Fuel tank capacity 86 l
    *With optional equipment
    Front 245/35 ZR20 J9.0
    Rear 305/30 ZR 20 J11.0
    Front 398x223x36 mm
    Rear 360x233x32 mm
    ESC Stability control
    High performance ABS/EBD High performance antilock braking system/electronic brake force distribution
    F1-Trac F1 traction control
    E-diff Third generation electronic differential
    SSC Side slip angle control
    Frs SCM-E Magnetorheological suspension control with frequency analysis system and twin solenoids
    Type 7-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission
    Maximum speed >325 km/h
    0-100 km/h 3.0 sec
    0-200 km/h 9.1 sec
    0-400 m 10.7 sec
    0-1000 m 19.4 sec
    Weight/power ratio 2.13 kg/cv
    Fiorano lap time 1'23''5
    Fuel consumption 11.8 l/100 km
    CO2 emissions 275 gr/km

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