ferrari personalization programme

build your own

All Ferraris deliver a unique emotional impact. Since the very first models were built in the late 1940s and early 1950s, our clients have always insisted on bringing a personal touch to their vehicles. In those early days, owners had huge freedom of choice in terms of the fabrics, leathers, woods, colours and finishes of their cars, resulting in genuinely one-off creations tailored minutely to their individual desires and tastes.

Nowadays Ferrari offers its customers a range of programmes that enable every last detail of their car to be tailored according to personal taste, using the Configurator tool first and foremost, before selecting one of Ferrari’s special customisation programmes to meet their requirements.

Ferrari Atelier

Ferrari Tailor Made

Your personality
on your car

The exclusive Ferrari programme for those customers who want to customise each element of their car for a perfect fit

70th Anniversary

70 Style Icons

Ferrari Tailor Made, together with the designers of Centro Stile have put a modern twist on the stylistic features and elements that distinguished 70 of the most beautiful Ferraris in history.

Ferrari Genuine


The catalog of equipment and original accessories available in after-sale at your dealerhip.