Ferrari Owners' Club Japan

Ferrari Owners’ Club Japan

The Ferrari Owners’ Clubs are associations of Ferrari owners who follow the idea of sharing their passion for the Prancing Horse, while traditionally the FOCs are the meeting point for many Ferrari clients.

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Ferrari Owners’ Club Japan is a young club, established in April 2014 by Japnese legendary Ferraristas, Yoshiho Matsuda, Junichirou Hiramatsu, Yoshikuni Okamoto at Gotenba Garden, which is the well-known and also well-loved place for japanese Ferrari lovers, as an “exclusive club” for Ferrari owners, and currently has more than 300 members. And in August 2014, FOCJ was officially founded based on the FOC guidance and adopting rules.
Everything was reorganized in accordance with specific standards to the Ferrari Owners Clubs around the world and after that our club is considered as “Official Club”.
It has organized 20 over events over the years : Touring, lunch meeting, Ferrari Brunch, Ferrari Speciale・Classiche Brunch, Track Days etc.
It is about driving together, and enjoying each other, sharing our passion for Ferrari. Forza Ferrari.

the president welcome

Noriki Kawasaki

Dear member of Ferrari Owners’ Club Japan and welcome to nuova Ferrari world.

I wish that I want to have Ferrari Owners’ Club Japan makes a splendid memory with Ferrari loving it to all of you .

Let’s make the legend of the prancing horse with us.


Foundation: 2014
Number of members:  550 club members (as of March 2019, merged with former owners club with over 30 years history)
Address: 3-4-10, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0045
Phone: +81(0)3-5444-7887


President: Noriki Kawasaki
Vice-President: Takahiro Nakayama
Executive Adviser: Yoshiho Matsuda, Junichiro Hiramatsu, Yoshikuni Okamoto
Director: Yasuhiko Yamashita, Yoshiaki Daito, Tetsuro Sakuma, Seiichiro Komatsu, Hiroyuki Sanae, Yoshiyuki Kojima, Hiroaki Maeda