Ferrari Owners' Club Nederland

Ferrari Club Nederland

Ferrari Club of Nederland

The Ferrari Club Nederland (FCN) was founded in 1983 with the objective to bring Ferrari-owners and enthusiasts together. To this day, sharing the passion for our favourite marque between owners and enthusiasts, among others by organising a variety of attractive events, is key.

The Ferrari Club Nederland currently has about 1000 members, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. The club works in close cooperation with the Dutch distributors, Ferrari SpA in Italy and other Ferrari Owners’ Clubs in the world.

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The club organises one- or twoday driving events, where social activities and the enjoyment of driving the cars in a more or less relaxed atmosphere has priority. At least once a year the club organises an extensive weeklong trip abroad to e.g. the factory in Maranello, Mas du Clos in France or Goodwood in the UK. Also special events for classic Ferrari-owners are being organised.

During track events owners can improve their driving capabilities at high speed, with more experienced drivers as a consequence and finally more fun with the car. The FCN is founder and cosponsor of  the “Italia a Zandvoort” track event. This event is among the biggest motorsport events in the country and Ferrari the most prominent car make.

An important role within the Ferrari Club Nederland is played by our “supporting members”, members of the club, who do not – yet – own a Ferrari, but who are real “passionata” of the marque.

Both members and “supporting members” receive the club magazine “Gli Amici della Ferrari”. The magazine has been continuously published on a quarterly basis ever since 1983. It is the objective of the club to offer all its members plenty of opportunity to enjoy the marque. Be it in a Ferrari during our events or through the club’s website or the club’s magazine.

the president welcome

Dear Ferraristi,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Dutch section of the Ferrari Owners’Club. The Ferrari Club Nederland has around 1000 members and this makes our club one of the largest Ferrari Owners’ Clubs in the world. From early 166 streetcars to Enzo’s, from an early 375 monoposto to a F2002 Formula 1, the club has a very interesting range of cars among its members.

Membership of the club offers Ferrari owners plenty of opportunity to drive their car and share their passion with others at many occasions. The club organizes around 10 events a year for its members. Among these are track days on the Zandvoort Circuit and a military base, one – or two – day “social and driving” events, a weeklong trip abroad, which could include a visit to the Maranello factory and two events just for classic Ferrari’s.

For Ferrari “passionata” not – yet – owning a Ferrari, the club has a special section, the “supporting-membership” section. These members have their own events, are very active in assisting during club events and are true ambassadors of the “Prancing Horse’.

Forza Ferrari!

Ben van Leliveld


FOC name: Ferrari Club Nederland
Foundation: 1983
Address: P.O. Box 5, 1474 ZG OOSTHUIZEN Netherlands
Phone: + 31 (0) 6 53168900


President: Ben van Leliveld
Vice President: Stephan Tot
Secretary: Wil Tot
Treasurer: André Hoffstedde
Event Committee: Stephan Tot