Ferrari Owners' Club Romania

Ferrari Club Romania

Ferrari Club of Romania

The Club was incorporated in 2008, after the official launch of Ferrari in Romania. It will be officially launched and opened to the Ferrari owners in Romania in April 2009.

The Club’s purpose is to create in Romania an association by which the interests of the owners of Ferrari cars and their passion about the cars and automotive world are gathered in one place, and integrateinto the worldwide community of the Ferrari owners’ clubs . This year, the Club is expected to reach to 25-35 members.

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The Club mission is to create the Ferrari world, to make the members feel as they are belonging to one family. For 2009, the Club will organize jointly with Forza Rossa, the official representative of Ferrari in Romania, a number of events in Romania and abroad (in Maranello, South of France and Tuscany). Forza Rossa has made available to the Club for organising its events a 500 sqm state of the art facility.


FOC name: Ferrari Owners’ Club Romania
Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 5 founding members (expected to reach 25-35 in 2009)
Address: FORZA ROSSA PADOCK Excelsior Center, 28-30 Academiei Street, Sector Bucharest 010016, Romania
Phone: + 40213139296
Fax: + 40213139291


President: Daniel Badea
Vice President: Adrian Filippini
Secretary: Stefano Albarosa
Board member: Ion Bazac
Treasurer: Camelia Bazac