15 November 1991: Montezemolo nominated Ferrari Chairman

Maranello, 15 November – It was on 15 November 1991 when, in a fifteen-line press release, Ferrari announced a change in the top management. The board of directors aknowledged that Piero Fusaro wanted to return to the Fiat group and decided “to hand over the chairmanship and the position of CEO at Ferrari S.p.A to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, giving him full managment responsibilities”. These fifteen lines definitely changed the life of Montezemolo, who returned to Maranello after having worked alongside Enzo Ferrari between 1973 and 1977 as team manager of the Scuderia, but they also opened an extraordinary chapter in the history of the company, which continues today. This incredibly successful era is confirmed by the numbers: turnover has grown tenfold ; the number of markets in which Ferrari operates has gone from 29 in the early 1990s to 58 today, and the Scuderia has gone from strength to strength, taking no fewer than 14 World Titles in Formula 1 (eight Constructors’ and six Drivers’ championships) with 113 Grand Prix wins.

Over the last 20 years Ferrari has known how to change while remaining loyal to the values of its founder, staying close to the territory it operates in, and always moving with the times, giving priority to innovation. The company has succeeded in this goal thanks to the skills and the efforts of the men and many women, who, under the guidance of Montezemolo, have turned the Prancing Horse into one of the most famous brands, and who continue to create exclusive cars for thousands of clients and collectors, but who also create dreams for millions of fans all over the world.