18 February 1898 – 18 February 2011. Piero Ferrari: “My father would have liked the FF”

Maranello, 18 February –The 18th February is an important date in the history of the Maranello marque: on that day in 1898, Enzo Ferrari, the company Founder was born, even if the official registration of his birth states it happened two days later.

“My father always celebrated his birthday on the 18th,” his son Piero revealed to www.ferrari.com. “And today would have been a working day for him, especially as we are on the verge of launching the amazing FF, which is a first for Maranello, the first car built here with all-wheel drive. “His passion for racing was matched by the love of his cars,” recalled Piero. That’s why, if he was here today, he would be proud of the new FF, a car which he would have liked a lot, because it’s innovative and revolutionary and a true four-seater, like the Ferraris he used on a daily basis.

These are also days of expectation in terms of Formula 1 which, now as it was back then, is on the eve of another season. “If I picture him here, I can imagine him sitting at his desk, getting the engineers to give him progress reports on testing and putting pressure on the factory to get all the developments ready as quickly as possible,” continued the Ferrari Vice-President. “He would be very interested to see how this championship will start, given all the new rules and, especially, the return of Pirelli, the company with which he won his first Drivers’ title in 1952, with Alberto Ascari.”