Ferrari opened two after-school facilities in Ishinomaki with donation raised over 80 million yen since Great Eastern Earthquake

Ishinomaki, 14 December 2012 – Over 80 children were welcomed at inauguration of the two after-school facilities opening in Ishinomaki held by Ferrari Japan. Donation collected since last year’s Great Eastern crisis reached over 80 million yen as a result of many charity initiatives Ferrari has made.

The entire sum is sent to the city of Ishinomaki directly, the region severely hit by the earthquake in Japan last March, which is also the sister city of Civitavecchia in Rome, Italy. It has been used to rebuild the two after-school facilities in Kaihoku and Mangokuura Junior Schools that have been unable to reconstruct after the crisis.

The two facilities’ reconstruction has been completed in October this year and children have been able to use them for after school activities. Mr.Hiroshi Kameyama, the Mayor of Ishinomaki, the Italian Ambassador Domenico Giorgi, Mr.Herbert Appleroth, the President and CEO of Ferrari Japan and Mr.Kazushige Motegi, the President of the Ferrari Club of Japan have attended the inauguration ceremony at the two clubs.

Mr.Kameyama, the Mayor of Ishinomaki addressed his speech to the children and to those who made great contribution to the donation: ‘We would like to sincerely thank Ferrari Japan and Ferrari Club of Japan for having made this club reconstruction possible for the children of Ishinomaki. These club facilities are very important for children to be able to grow and to have dreams. We hope that children will be as energetic as the prancing horse of Ferrari and Ishinomaki to remain in a good relationship with Civitavecchia of Italy’.

The Italian Ambassador Giorgi followed inaugurating the club facility completion and commented: ‘Civitavecchia has been a very good friend with Ishinomaki ever since a ship arrived in Ishinomaki 400 years ago. We are the oldest friends. Last year’s crisis made us think of what we can do to help. The two clubs have been reconstructed thanks to Ferrari’s support. We hope the prosperity and good health for the children of these clubs’.

Ferrari Japan CEO, Herbert Appleroth welcomed and gave a special thank you message to all the guests present at the ceremony: ‘Ferrari is more than just about cars, it is about dreams. These dreams should start at a very young age. We are proud and honoured to have built these two schools that enable the children of Ishinomaki to dream of a bright and safe future.’

Following the traditional Japanese ribbon-cut in warm cheerful atmosphere, children expressed special thank you with a song and essays read out by the two girls representing the clubs: ‘After the crisis, our club was gone and our friends fell apart. Now that we have the new club facility, we made many new friends and we are having a really good time. We thank Ferrari very much for reconstructing the club.’ Their joy to be able to use the new facilities expressed in their own words conveyed how important it was for them to be able to secure a place to pass their after-school time in time of difficulty.

Excitement of the ceremony reached its climax when children had the opportunity to see and sit on the driver’s seat of FF and Ferrari California 30 displayed in front of Kaihoku Junior School and Mangokuura Junior School respectively.

Special Cavallino logos and silver plates in commemoration of Ferrari’s donation have been put at the entrance of both club facilities as a symbol of Ferrari’s support in hope of children’s prosperous future.