Ferrari opens the doors for employees’ families over 13,000 visitors

Maranello, 2 October – More than 13,000 visitors – friends and families of the almost 3,000 Ferrari employees – passed the gates today at Ferrari, because it’s family day, an occasion for the men and women from Ferrari to present the departments of the Prancing Horse and the areas where the road cars – including the one in Modena – and the Formula 1 single-seaters are produced.

Numerous children populated the main street at the Ferrari Works, named after the company’s founder Enzo, but also the many other streets, bearing the names of World Champions from the past, while at the different production areas some employees explained to the visitors the different steps necessary to build a Ferrari.

Chairman Luca di Montezemolo had to pose for many photos, shake numerous hands and sign plenty autographs, while visiting the production areas. “This is a wonderful day to celebrate,” the Chairman told some journalists. “It’s the day of our people. I always underline that behind our products there are exceptional men and women. With them we have to approach challenges and share joyful moments. That’s why we wanted the bonus when the three-year business plan expires, in case we reach our economic objectives we’ll set. It’s something beyond the salary set in the contract, the supplementary benefits, such as free visits to specialist doctors, special interest loans, free school books and summer camps for our employees’ children, scholarships and much more.”

To a question regarding the Formula 1 Championship the Chairman replied: “We’ll give it our all to win it, I’m proud of the work done by the Team, we missed out on some occasion at the beginning of the season, but now there’s great concentration, we’re giving it our all, let’s hope that in the end it works out.”