Ferrari pays homage to the Fiat Chrysler Group at the Detroit Auto Show with the award-winning 458 Italia

Maranello, 8 January — Ferrari is not officially present at the Detroit Auto Show but is exhibiting one of its current models in an area adjacent to the Chrysler stand, in homage to the agreement between Fiat and the American company. The model chosen is the 458 Italia which was selected not only because of its evocative name and for the enormous commercial and critical success it is enjoying worldwide, but because, more significantly, the 458 Italia represents the best example of technological transfer from Formula One.

The incarnation of the new generation of mid-rear-engined 8-cylinder Prancing Horse sports cars, the 458 Italia is a seamless melding of technological innovation, creativity and style. Having been put through its paces in no uncertain terms by the worlds’ most authoritative motoring journalists, it very quickly garnered most of the major international awards in the United States and Europe as well as in the Middle and Far East. Most recently, in fact, the New York Times awarded the 458 Italia the number one spot on its Top 10 Cars of 2010 list, defining it “The world’s best sports car”.

Thanks to its 570 hp engine and extraordinary weight-power ratio of just 2.42 hp/kg, the 458 Italia sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.4 seconds and reaches a top speed in excess of 325 km/h. Despite its sporty vehicle dynamics, the 458 Italia remains an exceptionally comfortable car, while its electronic control systems guarantee excellent performance in all driving conditions. Mirroring the development of the F1 single-seater, the Ferrari engineers focused their attention on improving efficiency across the board with this model. As a result, the 458 Italia has been homologated with excellent fuel consumption and CO2 emissions levels (13.3 litres/100 km and 307 g/km on the ECE+EUDC combined cycle). Also derived from the F1 car is the new model’s man-machine interface: an ergonomic cluster of controls on the steering wheel which means drivers never have to take their hands off the wheel which, in turn, improves driving safety.