Ferrari weekend starts in Suzuka. Over 200 Ferraris on the track on the occasion of Forza Ferrari V

On the Suzuka race track the long weekend with Ferrari as the main protagonist started in Japan. On 4 July the first FF reaching the country will be auctioned off at the Italian embassy in Tokyo to collect money to be donated to the people hit by the severe earthquake.

Meanwhile in Suzuka the fifth edition of the traditional Forza Ferrari meeting of the Ferrari Club of Japan was held on Saturday and Sunday.

Clients and collectors went onto the track of Suzuka with over 200 Ferraris: numerous 458 Italia, 458 Challenge and some 599 GTO, but also several California and some older models such as the 456.

A special guest was the SP1, the first one-off built in Maranello for a Japanese collector, who won the Concours d’Elegance, which was organised by the Club yesterday.