FVA – Try the new “Adrenaline Pack” at the wheel of the Ferrari 150° Italia and the 458 Challenge

Maranello, 16 November – One year after its official presentation at Monza, at the Italian GP weekend, the Ferrari Virtual Academy has now brought out a new and exclusive update, called the “Adrenaline Pack” giving fans the chance to test their reflexes with two new cars. The 150° Italia is this year’s current Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 car, while the 458 Challenge is the latest and fifth car that Ferrari has used in its one-make Championship, which delivers extreme performance and a thrilling drive.

Starting with real data from the cars, the new package reproduces the aerodynamic effects, tyre characteristics, the suspension and handling, while particular attention has been paid to engine noise. Another major novelty is the faithful reproduction of F1-Trac, the most sophisticated traction control system in the world, which assures continuous high levels of grip, which is a big performance aid. And when it comes to the Formula 1 car, it includes this season’s tweaks, the KERS and the DRS.

With improved graphics, this update is an addition to the previous version that also faithfully reproduces all the characteristics of the F10 which the Ferrari team used in last year’s F1 season, while also allowing fans to try their hand around the Fiorano, Mugello and Nurburging circuits. Linked to the original package, there was also a competition to find the five best virtual drivers, who were given the opportunity of driving a real Formula Abarth around the Fiorano track.

The complete package, which includes all three cars and the Fiorano, Mugello and Nurburgring track can be purchased on line at www.ferrarivirtualacademy.com for 19.90 Euro, while the “Adrenaline Pack” update costs 9.90 Euro, only for those who already have the basic Fiorano and F10 package.