Green Ferrari

Maranello, 24 july – Aloe arborescens, blue buddleja , dianthus carthusianorum … we’re not talking about a greenhouse. These are just some of the hundreds of species of plants found in the factory in Maranello. It doesn’t matter where you are on the campus, whether sitting on a bench during a short break or at work in one of the production departments, a flowering bush, fern or an evergreen is never far away. The colourful orange poppies along the engine assembly line and the exotic, tropical lillies in the machining department are just two examples of the extraordinary array of flora that characterises every part of the factory. There are 25,000 plants on campus, with trees, flower beds and gardens around every corner. This is a further demonstration of how Ferrari’s technologically advanced production facilities are designed and built around the workers’ well-being, with the emphasis very much on the quality of the working environment.