It happened today – 31 August

The 31st August 1947 was the day Luca di Montezemolo was born in Bologna, the same year that the first Ferrari branded car saw the light of day. This is not the place to explain who Montezemolo is, nor what he represents in the history of the company. However, we would like to celebrate his birthday, remembering other numbers from his life in red, starting with 19 Formula 1 world titles (five when he was Sporting Director and fourteen as President,) split between 8 Drivers’ crowns and 11 Constructors.’ Staying with the Formula 1 theme, there are the 118 wins from 370 Grand Prix starts, along with 321 podium finishes, 494 in the points, 97 pole positions, 109 fastest race laps and 3,687 points.

On the road car front one notes that from 1993 to today (2012 figures) the numbers of cars sold has grown from 2366 to 7450, turnover has gone from 230 to 2,433 million Euro and the trading profit from -3.8 to 350 million Euro. The number of markets in which Ferrari is present has grown from 29 to 62 and the number of employees has risen from around 1600 to around 3000. To summarise, the turnover has increased tenfold, sales three fold, while the number of markets and staff have doubled.

Over the years, the Ferrari brand has had a new impetus and is recognized as the strongest in the world: today, there is a theme park in Abu Dhabi dedicated to the Maranello marque and there are over fifty Stores around the world, along with an e-commerce business that sees an average of 20,000 visitors a day from 165 countries. This incredible popularity is proven by the fact that 95 Prancing Horse branded items are sold every minute, with 400 million official Ferrari products bought over the past ten years, while its Facebook page has been “liked” over 12 million times.

Many numbers, many worthwhile reasons for wishing our President a happy birthday.