LaFerrari is queen of France

What better setting than the Grand Palais in Paris for “LaFerrari”, the queen of cars, to make its debut on French soil? The new special limited edition car from Maranello was a magnet for over 200 journalists who attended its premiere this afternoon on the opening day of the Tour Auto Optic 2000. Around 250 cars will take part in the event which wends its way through the streets of L’Hexagone from tomorrow to 27 April and they were all at the Grand Palais to celebrate “LaFerrari”. Amongst them some older supercars that are part of Prancing Horse history.

Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s Commercial and Marketing Director, pulled the wraps off the first hybrid car produced in Maranello, which is also the star attraction at a gala cocktail this evening for over four hundred customers who will be able to see for themselves the best example of technology, exclusivity and passion ever built by Ferrari.