Montezemolo: “No too austerity”

Maranello, 17 September 2013 – Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, commented on the comparison Olli Rehn, vice president of the European Commission, made earlier between Italy and Ferrari, saying: “Italy is like Ferrari and more than Ferrari: it is a country resonating with excellence, history and talent. There are good and less good years, but what is important is to stay in the leading group and fight until the end to come first. Many Italian companies are doing this already. To be successful you need resources to invest and a team with clear ideas ready to make an effort. This is true for Europe, for Italy, for Ferrari and for every other company. The government, leading the country, has to show that it is able to set up a far-reaching plan, entirely concentrated on competitiveness and on cutting unproductive expenses. Europe, which today sets a large portion of the race’s rules, has to show that the wellbeing of the countries, which are part of the Union, is dear to it and not cultivate the ‘legend of austerity’, just for its own sake. Because with too much of it you die, as Japan and the USA amongst others understood.”