New FF becomes Queen of the web

Maranello, 25 January – Only a few days after the presentation on the official Ferrari website the FF, the new 12-cylinder from Maranello, triggered enormous interest, causing last weekend’s global media phenomenon. The new car from Maranello gained front pages and large coverage on the most prestigious news outlets all over the world and monopolised users’ comments on automotive blogs all over the web.

In Italy Quattroruote editor in chief Carlo Cavicchi wrote in a comment on his blog, that he was thunderstruck when he saw the new car from Maranello: “I hugged this fascinating car with my eyes. A car planned in every single detail of its form, the interaction of light and shadow on its details. The FF will enter history to become the first car from the Prancing Horse with four-wheel drive, while this will overshadow all the other thousands of special qualities the cars hides in every corner. That’s a pity, because this is probably one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s of all time. The interior offers incredible space, able to host up to four passengers, even tall ones. The boot cannot only hold snobbish items like two big golf bags, but also a pram or several bags, without the need to lower the rear seats. Once the seats are folded down the car even holds skis, something normal in every common saloon, but something exceptional in a Gran Turismo from Modena (sic!).” Cavicchi ended his blog with: “This is how I saw the FF, packed with technology and full of excellent taste.”

Not only the Italian press is impressed by the new car from Maranello, but they are also enthusiastic about this new car internationally: from specialist magazines to the most prestigious newspapers and magazines in the world. From Le Figaro with its headline “Ferrari FF : la Fabuleuse Ferrari”, to The Sun: “It’s a Ferrari, but not as we know it”, while the German Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: “many manufacturers have to hold on tight now, because at the upcoming Car Show in Geneva people will flock to the Ferrari stand. It has always been like that, but this time the Italians created a proper revolution.” But also New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Der Spiegel, Expansion and Nouvel Observateur wrote favourably about the new car while hundreds of thousands of clicks were registered during the first hours for the video published on, documenting the intense development of the four-wheel drive system in the snow in Sweden and Finland.