The Quail, a Motorsport Gathering, a Fitting End to the West Coast Rally

A fitting end to a memorable week, The Tributo Ferrari rally drivers pulled onto the lawn this morning to join the Motorsports Gathering at the Quail Lodge in Carmel, California. Awaiting them was a representative display of Ferrari motorsports including a 458 Grand-AM, a Challenge 20th Anniversary car and a Formula One 150° Italia as well as a host of unique and rare Ferrari.

Among the exceptional driving machines showcased at the 11th annual event there was a:

1950 Ferrari 166 Inter Berlinetta – Having the distinction of being Ferrari’s first road car, the 166 Inter set the bar for all subsequent Ferraris manufactured after 1950. Originally unveiled at the XXXIITurin Motor Show, only 37 models were ever produced.
1969 Ferrari 365GTS – Designed to be the next evolution of the 330, the 365 GTS took the brand into a new decade and left the classic Ferrari design in the 1960s. Regarded as one of Ferraris’ most successful luxury models, only 800 models were built during the vehicle’s three years of production.
1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Short Nose – One of Ferrari’s most esteemed 1960s GT models, the 275 GTB Short Nose was the successor to the long-running and highly sought-after 250 GT. The first in the series, “Short Nose” models feature more prominent grilles and a more aggressive aesthetic.
1966 Ferrari 275 GTB, Long Nose, Torque Tube – Praised as the last of the “classic Ferraris,” the 275 GTB Long Nose was designed and created by Enzo Ferrari himself, marking the natural evolution from its immediate predecessors. The model was, by many standards, the most advanced road-going Ferrari at the time of its introduction.

Stay tuned for more news from Pebble Beach over the weekend….