Double debut for Ferrari at the Beijing Motor Show

Double debut for Ferrari at the Beijing Motor Show

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Maranello, 20th April
Double debut at the Beijing Motor Show for Ferrari that, in a crowded press conference, unveiled his celebrative logo for China’s Year of the Horse and his new Ferrari California T, the new car made in Maranello that immediately monopolised the experts’ attention.
The crowds flocking to the event also got their first glimpse of the new logo created by Ferrari to celebrate the Year of the Horse in the Chinese horoscope, which interpreting the Chinese belief of success with Ferrari’s successful heritage.

The logo takes the shape of a traditional Imperial seal featuring the Prancing Horse with an inscription on the side that translates as “May the Year of the Horse will bring success”. The logo combines time-honored Chinese traditions in text, calligraphy, and seal-cutting, and is cut in the form of a stamp and dipped in Ferrari red, nicely fitting the dignity of prancing horse.

Ferrari California T - Beijing Motor Show

The new logo is also to be seen on the stand at Beijing and flanks the most important debut of the event, that of the new Ferrari California T, making its first appearance in the Greater China area. Needless to remark, the car instantly attracted a huge crowd of visitors as well as capturing the attention of the media, making it the real star of the Chinese show.

The car has 70 hp more than the previous California and a turbo V8 engine that guarantees a reduction of 15% in fuel consumption. In the Ferrari stand visitors are able to see the entire production and among these cars the most admired is the 458 Speciale, also a new model for Greater China market, that captured attention of media and visitors for his sportiness and performances.