Enzo Ferrari – an example for the future

Today is a special date. On 18 February 115 years ago a man was born in Modena, who, thanks to his passion, his determination and his ability to look ahead created a legend which continues to grow day after day: Enzo Ferrari.

After his career as a racing driver, the still young Enzo founded the Scuderia in 1929, the team, still carrying his name today. In 1947 the first car with the name Ferrari was born – thus creating a symbol of Italian excellence in the world – the start of our Company.

“My father always had one objective in mind: always improve,” Piero Ferrari, the founder’s son, told Ferrari.com. “It was part if his motorsport and racing driver DNA to look for something more than the others. He transferred it into a way of life. He was never satisfied and he expected that from everybody else: he was curious and he wanted to find original solutions. I admired his courage and his vision for the future: just imagine that in 1929, the start of the Great Depression, he founded the Scuderia, a club to let the gentlemen of the times participate in races. In a moment when everybody else stopped investing he did exactly the opposite, betting on the future.”

The life of Enzo Ferrari represents numerous elements, which don’t just turn him up-to-date, but make him even more modern than many of our contemporaries: his values are part of our genetic patrimony and are implemented every day in the work of the men and women in our Company.