Exceptional families in Maranello today

There are 15,000 special guests at Ferrari today, made up of the families of those who work in Maranello. They have been given the opportunity to look round the company, including the road car production areas and those relating to racing and the Scuderia. It’s an event that takes place regularly so that those who end up hearing about Ferrari every evening at home, can see for themselves at close quarters where their loved ones work and what the atmosphere is like on a daily basis within Maranello.
In over thirty areas, some of the employees gave a guided tour of what goes on day in day out in the design and construction of the most beautiful cars in the world. Inside a marquee behind the Formula 1 Wind Tunnel there was an exhibition of all the very latest developments in terms of product, racing and brand, while a giant screen scrolled through photos of the greatest wins in the history of the Scuderia and also of the two latest cars to roll out the gates of Maranello. The whole range of cars could be admired as well as the limited edition LaFerrari and a Formula 1 car in the Piazza Giovanni Agnelli, at the heart of the Ferrari campus. In the Scuderia area, not only were this year’s cars on display, but also a selection of the most successful ones from the past and adding further interest for the visitors, they could also see what goes on in the motorhome that is the base for team members at the races.
“The Ferrari family is made up of all our employees, but behind each one of them is their own family,” said Luca di Montezemolo. “ Seeing them all together here today, showing such enthusiasm for the company where we spend so much of our day made me very happy. I often say that behind our cars are exceptional men and women: today I saw that supporting them are equally exceptional families.”
There was an area especially for the youngest visitors, on a temporary lawn with a merry-go-round, games and shows and the lawn will later be given to the municipality of Maranello who will use it to host summer camps for the children of its employees.
It was a special day for everyone, but probably an unforgettable one for the ten lucky people who were able to experience the thrill of speed on the Fiorano Track, in a 458 Italia driven by Pedro de la Rosa and Davide Rigon, two drivers who work for the Scuderia on the development of the Formula 1 cars.