Ferrari clubs do their bit for earthquake victims

Maranello, 8 June – It will be difficult to forget the scene of wreckage and the bewildered faces which greeted Giulio, Mario and Paolo in the area hit by the earthquake when they delivered relief items. As the Civil Protections units worked tirelessly, the three members of the Caprino Bergamasco Scuderia Ferrari Club were met with gratitude, as they courageously delivered donations which also came from Scuderia Ferrari, the Drop by Drop Association, Talita Kum of Calolziocorte, the Friends of Monza Circuit and Renato Bissa. They told of their feelings on experiencing this sad reality at first hand: “We saw areas that had been completely destroyed, and a dairy where the Parmigiano Reggiano was buried under masonry, with tented cities and encampments put up in the fields, with people wandering around in a bewildered state, with a surreal silence everywhere, fear written on the faces of people exhausted by the continuous tension of the situation. When we decided to start fund raising by selling Parmesan, we never could have imagined how much we would raise, even if our contribution only accounts for a very small part of the orders, because it is not safe to go to where the cheese is made. But we hope to clear all the back orders next week.” At what is such a difficult time for the Emilia Romagna region, the dedication of the Ferrari clubs is commendable, as they give all their support through many and varied initiatives, showing their love is not just for Ferrari, but also for the whole area and the people who live there.