Ferrari Owners' Club UAE

Ferrari Club U.A.E.

Ferrari Club of United Arab Emirates

The Ferrari Owners Club UAE is a relatively young club, founded only in March 2008, and was the first officially recognised Ferrari Owners Club in the Middle East. We have around 160 Ferrari owners, all very active members of the club. Our members have a wide variety of car models, ranging anywhere from the 308, 348, F40 and the F355 as well Testarossas from the 1990s, to the newer 458s, 599 GTOs, Californias and F12s. Our members, both gentlemen and ladies, comprise over 40 different nationalities, which reflects the international population of the UAE as a whole.

Most of our members are senior business people, company owners and/or retired executives. They join the club not only to share their passion for Ferrari cars, but also to spend time with other people from the local community who have similar interests. Our club is family-oriented, and with a few exceptions, our events always aim to include the whole family.

We aim to do 12 to 14 events each season, with some being more car focused events, like track days or driver training; other events are of a more social character such as gala dinners and overnight trips. It’s about driving together, being together, and enjoying each other’s company, whilst sharing our passion for Ferrari Cars.

club details

Ferrari Club of UAE

FOC name Ferrari Owners Club UAE
Foundation 30 March 2008
Number of members 164
Address P.O. Box 28774, Dubai, UAE
Phone 00971 50 6352828 or 00971 50 4279976
President Tani Hanna
Treasurer Nicolas Sibuet
Office Manager Samantha Anderson
Events Paulo Pereira and Alan Jahnig
Legal Nima Tabibi
Government Relations Bahaa Abouhatab
Marketing Manager Ferrari MEA Marco Sambaldi

the president welcome

Tani Hanna

Having been a member of the Ferrari Owners Club of UAE for the past 5 years, it is with great honor to be introducing myself as the new President of the Club.

The FOC UAE was launched in March 2008 and has since become a huge success. Many thanks to my predecessor, Fred Kamperman, the Board, and the members who, through their cooperation and combined efforts, have helped to bring the club to the level where it is now.
We have many exciting events throughout the year – track days, leisure drives, gala dinners, family days, and other social gatherings. We also hope to revive our annual gran turismo trips in 2015, where we take our Ferraris on a drive through Europe. The club is also a regular attendee of the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

En savoir plus
FOC Uae 2014

Since 2005 I have developed strong personal relationships with Ferrari, with people involved in the brand directly and indirectly. Racing in the Ferrari Challenge APAC championship, I have fallen in love with the Ferrari DNA. It is my goal to bring these relatoinships to the club and garner more support, with the aim of encouraging member participation and enhancing the experience of our members.

On a more personal note, I feel blessed to have been brought closer to the brand and its lifestyle by the FOC UAE. I have met many people, from all walks of life, and from all corners of the world, who share in one brand, one lifestyle, and one passion. I have made a lot of close friends whom I cherish, and this to me is the essence of the Owners Club idea.