Ferrari Owners' Club Indonesia

Ferrari Club Indonesia

Ferrari Club of Indonesia

FOCI was established in 2002 after the opening of Ferrari authorized dealer in Jakarta, in merely few years time we have 150 over active members. We have almost all Ferrari models starting from classic era up to the latest models. Our members comes from diversified backgrounds, all contributing to the harmony of famous Indonesian multi cultures.

FOCI activities are intensive and well diversified, starting from monthly gatherings, quaterly events and twice annual major events, which are; “FOCI Bali Rally” a three days touring to Bali; a tropical island of paradise; usually in mid-year, and “Appreciation to Indonesia Heritage” tour to the Central Java Province in particular to Kingdoms of Yogyakarta and Solo and the Borobudur Temple as one of the Wonders of the World, and smaller event like “Bandung Tour” an overnight touring to mountainous city of Bandung; usually in year end.

Every year there is a substantial growing number of joining members, we are eager to see that in the next few years to come, FOCI would be one of the prominent Ferrari Clubs in Asia Pacific region.

club details

Ferrari Club of Indonesia

Foundation 2002
Number of members 150 members
Address JL. Semanan Raya 50, Daan Mogot km 16, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone +62 811 803338
President Hanan Supangkat
+62 811 803338
Vice President William Tjandra
+62 812 18 500 500
Secretary General Markus Silitonga
+62 816 718805
Treasurer Jos Parengkuan
+62 818 999968