Ferrari 360 GTC - 2004


360 GTC


The car was developed by the Corse Clienti department in Maranello in collaboration with Michelotto Automobili and sports the latest technology tested with great success in the previous 360 GT. Compared to its predecessor the 360 GTC has substantially different aerodynamics: research in the wind tunnel lead to a different position of the car’s rear wing, with a significant improvement in downforce.

The 360 GTC weighs 1,100 kg, which is the minimum required by the regulations. This is the result of the use of composite material as far as the bodywork is concerned. While maintaining the strength of the original parts, the weight could be decreased significantly.

Ferrari 360 GTC - 2004

Accurate selection of the best shots of the 2360 GTC in high definition. The photo gallery shows the distinctive features of this model Ferrari in 2004, focusing on the details and the most important parts.


V8 Engine

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