Ferrari Owners' Club Belgio

Ferrari Club Belgio

Ferrari Club Belgio

Ferrari Club Belgio is the only belgian Ferrari owners association which is recognized officiallyby the factory FERRARI Spa in Maranello.

Founded in 1972, it is one of the most ancient Ferrari Owners clubs in the world, rooted in the tradition of the gentleman-racers and motorsport amateurs grouped around Belgium’s early Ferrari importer, the legendary Jacques Swaters.

Only current Ferrari owners can become a member, without any restriction on the nationality. Today the club counts about 150 members, equally spread over the dutch and french speaking parts of the country, but also some english and german speaking members.


Ferrari Club Belgio aims to:
Enhance the experience of Ferrari driving and owning
- By sharing and commonly enjoying our passion on road and track
- By developing owner’s driving skills
- By increasing owner’s understanding and appreciation of Ferrari technology
- By providing information and benefits to its members
- By advancing and protecting the common interests of belgian Ferrari owners

Create anf foster amical ties between Ferrari Owners in Belgium and Abroad
- By developing unique and exclusive communitiesof individuals at regional level
- By providing its members entertainment, particularly in the field of artistical, intellectual, gastronomical, touristical and sposts interests

Promote interest in Ferrari’s cars in Belgium and develop the renown of the Ferrari brand
- By exchanging and divulging information about Ferrari’s cars worldwide
- By consolidating and supporting belgian Ferrari patrimony
- To encourage the proper presentation of Ferrari cars
- To safeguard Ferrari’s brand identity by protecting its core values
- To spread the passion for cars and the automotive world

These aims are pursued by organizing events, meetings, conferences and competitions in Belgium and abroad, where needed in close collaboration with foreign FOC’s and Ferrari Spa. To this end, Ferrari Club Belgio establishes a fixed scheme of about 10 main events per year , among which a couple of tourist tours in Belgium, a charity ride, several trips to circuits abroad and events of FOC’s in the neighbouring countries, initiation workshops and trackdays, a multi-day tour abroad etc. Moreover, we also deliver in-depth technical guidance concerning the racing events in Formula 1 and the introduction of new Ferrari models.

Through the membership of Ferrari Club Belgio, as the only club in Belgium officially recognized and linked with Ferrari Spa, belgian Ferrari owners can more intensely participate in the fascinating Ferrari universe and live out their shared passion, under our devise:

“Ferrari Belgio, una passione in giallo”


FOC name: Ferrari Club Belgio
Foundation: 1972
Address: 66 Edith Cavellstraat, 1180 Brussel, Belgium
Phone: +32 492 277 007
Fax: +32 16 53 78 20


President: Nicola D’Aniello (
General Secretary: Sacha Petrovic (
Vice-President: Dirk Roesems ( & Jean-Louis Tuttolomondo (
Treasurer: Jacques Marcotty (
Board Members: Christian Dymny ( & Pascal Van Glabeke (