Ferrari Owners' Club of Hong Kong

Ferrari Club of Hong Kong

Ferrari Club of Hong Kong

The history of our Club dates back to 1987 when a group of Ferrari owners in Hong Kong gathered together to form a club to share with like-minded friends their passion for the Prancing Horse. Over the past 30 years, our Club has grown organically from a handful of Ferrari owners into a sizeable group of Ferraristi with numerous gatherings throughout the year. Our Ferrari Owners’ Club is officially recognized by and is a chapter of Ferrari S.p.A’s International Ferrari Club.


As one would expect from a car enthusiast club, our members are passionate about driving. Many of the Club’s activities revolve around driving our (mostly) red cars from Maranello, Italy. The Club organises regular overseas drives, track days and driving clinics. While it is the love of our Prancing Horses that bond our members together, social events is what makes this Club special. Our Club provides our members and their families a platform to make new Ferraristi friends through our monthly Sunday breakfast, gourmet experiences, annual dinners, charity activities and many other social events organised by the Club. The Club has a strong social conscience and we run charity days where our members share the joy of riding a Ferrari with others.

Let’s have fun, and as they say in Italy, Forza Ferrari!


Joey Tong

Dear fellow Members and Ferrari Friends,

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Ferrari and 30th anniversary of Ferrari Owners’ Club of Hong Kong. Our committee promise to make this anniversary year a very exciting one with lots of events.


Some of our special and across Asia event highlights include FOC HK Tribute to 70th Anniversary of Ferrari in March, Ferrari Racing Days & Classic Car Parade in Shanghai in May, Taiwan Rally and Annual Ball in November. Besides, monthly breakfasts and Charity Drive are all on our list. We hope that you all will join us to celebrate this remarkable and important occasion!

More exciting across Asia events to come, please stay tuned!

Ferrari Owners’ Club of Hong Kong


Foundation: 1987
Number of members: 150 in 2016
Address: 9/F Wah Hung Centre, 41 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Phone/Fax: (+852) 2566 3998


President: JOEY TONG
Treasurer: JACKSON LAM
Secretary: JACKIE CHAN
Legal Advisor: DAVID WONG
Other members for the Board of Directors: CLEREBOLD CHAN