Ferrari Owners' Club U.A.E.

Ferrari Club U.A.E.

Ferrari Club of United Arab Emirates

The Ferrari Owners Club Uae was founded on March 30th 2008 by over 40 owners passionate for the brand and its cars. After only 8 months in existence it has already almost 80 members and that number is rising rapidly.

The club aims to offer two events per month but there are no events between June and September due to the extremely hot weather in the UAE in the summer months.  The club has members with more than 20 different nationalities reflecting the highly diverse population of the UAE and aims to organize at least 5 Track events each year using the Dubai Autodrome racetrack and in the near future the new F1 Race track in Abu Dhabi. Other events are of a more social character and include fun drives, gala and charity dinners, family days and our own Polo Day where two Polo Teams fight it out for the annual FOC UAE Polo Cup.

Being a new club in a newly developed region of the world, most of our members own Ferraris that were produced over the past 6 years. Almost half of the members drive the latest models of the Ferrari brand, but we also have members with an F40, Mondial, 348′s, 355′s and 456′s as well as 360′s and 550/575′s. During the summer the club will organize a 2 week tour through parts of Europe (Switzerland and Italy) including a visit to Maranello.

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Ferrari Club of U.A.E.

FOC name Ferrari Owners Club U.A.E.
Foundation 30 March 2008
Number of members 164
Address P.O. Box 28774, Dubai, UAE
Phone 00971 50 555 1100
President Clint Wilfred
Treasurer Nicolas Sibuet
Office Manager Samantha Anderson
Events Paulo Pereira and Alan Jahnig
Legal Nima Tabibi
Government Relations Bahaa Abouhatab
Marketing Manager Ferrari MEA Aurelien Sauvard


Clint Wilfred

I begin by conveying my appreciation for giving me an opportunity to serve as the President of this prestigious car club in UAE.

I am following the paved way of great personalities that have lead this club since its inception in 2008.

In the foremost place, its the Cavallino Rampante that connects us all. The club and its activities are an extension of this lifestyle brand reflecting the passion that we all share. Club’s activities serve as a purpose to sustain our motivation and love for Ferrari, this job being clone well so far by the past presidents, from Fred Kamperman to Tani Hanna. I believe that me and my board will be persistent in pursuing this goal.


There will be several opportunities for us to get together and enjoy activities together as friends, this would include community outreach for car lovers at large.

For our current members and perspective members, it is my assurance that the intention of this board is to grow the club and enrich its membership experience and related activities.  We seek greater collaboration and meaningful partnerships with our related associates and brand collaborators.

I look forward to a successful term as President and invite each of you to participate, but most importantly become involved to cherish the Ferrari lifestyle.

Forza FOCUAE Forza Ferrari