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Ferrari Club Hungary

Ferrari Club of Hungary

In the past decades several Ferrari clubs have been founded in Middle-Eastern Europe supported by the factory and since 2010 the Hungarian owners have also belonged to this privileged family. The national club numbered 13 members at the time of its establishment, however there was no real club life in the initial years.
In the year 2015 the community shifted into higher gear. Thanks to the organization and team-building efforts of the leaders were able to increase the number of members as well as the events.

In 2017 under the direction of the new president, the club management wanted to level up. The goals were to raise the standards of the club-organized events and open towards the international scenes.

Due to the relatively low number of members, the club life is very friendly and intimate, but thanks to our outstanding events, more and more owners are applying for membership, which clearly shows that being a FOCH member has become a privilege indeed. However, the aim of our management is to increase club membership, in order to maintain the highest level of our exclusive group the applicants have to comply with strict regulations if they want to join.

The fundamental goal of our club is to forge the Hungarian Ferrari owners through their passion into a fellowship where they can share their experiences connected to the brand and are able to participate in our exclusive events. The club, as well as the members are obliged to enhance the reputation of the Ferrari brand and to enshrine its unique seven-decade old heritage.
We are proud to belong to the 45 countries of the world where Ferrari clubs exist.

club details

Ferrari Club of Hungary

Year of foundation 2010
Number of members 25
Address 1012 Budapest, Logodi u. 30., Hungary
Phone +36205559380
President Csaba Sipka
Vice President Tibor Kulcsár
Secretary József Sáhó