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Corso Pilota 
Limited Edition Vallelunga

The idea behind the Pilota Ferrari Limited Edition is to allow all the Pilota Ferrari customers to put their techniques and driving skills to the test on some of the most famous racetracks in the world.


the  course

The Vallelunga race track is located in Campagnano di Roma at about 30 km from the capital.
The track is extremely interesting with several technical and challenging points with an alternation between mixed and fast parts, making it an ideal training ground for the Ferrari Pilot Course.
Participants will enjoy personalized instruction and improve their skills with the help of video and telemetry which is used to compare their performance with that of expert professional drivers.

Participants Instructors and Cars

20 participants are admitted to each course and are divided into five groups of 4 participants each.

The dedicated drivers instruction team is made up of highly qualified, expert drivers with professional training in high performance car driving. All drivers-instructors are internationally experienced and drive professionally themselves. A fleet of  three F8 Tributo, three 488 Pista, nine 488 GTB, four 812 Superfast and six 488 Challenge will be available for the 2019 Pilota Ferrari Limited Edition Course. Participants are also welcome to take their own Ferraris around the track at the end of the course.

Fee and Guest Programme

The course fee includes two days at the track, two evening meals, two nights’ accommodation at the Hotel Eden *****S in Rome, meals at the track, transfers between Hotel – Track – Dinner, and personalized Pilota Ferrari Course gifts. Each participant may be accompanied by one companion who will be given the opportunity to take part in a special guest program.  The fee includes the following activities: 2 overnight stay at the hotel sharing room with the driver, 2 dinners, access to the track, lunch at the track, city tour of Rome, SPA treatment.

What to wear and Driving your own car

Racing suit, shoes, gloves and helmet will be provided to each participant by the organization.
There is no specific dress code for dinners

For safety reasons, we strongly suggest that all customers wishing to take their Ferrari cars out on the track at the end of the course have their vehicles checked beforehand by their regular dealer.


Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi, Via della Mola Maggiorana, 4/6, 00063 Campagnano di Roma RM (Italy)

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