Acer presents its smartphone with an extra gear – the Liquid E Ferrari special edition

The liquid E Ferrari special edition is an exclusive latest generation smartphone from Acer. It offers a unique combination of fine detail, great performance and quality materials. It fits perfectly with the spirit of racing, which brings together powerful performance and design excellence. It boasts a gloss red shell with chrome detailing: the front features a high-resolution 3.5” touchscreen, while the back of the phone shows off the Ferrari badge with carbon fibre detailing. The microphone is reminiscent of the air intakes seen on the sides of the Formula 1 car. The user can personalise the phone using Ferrari wallpapers which brighten up the home page featuring 5 pages of exciting photos and video and a special set of ringtones that mean the ringtone can be personalised with the music of Ferrari engines. The earpiece is small and compact for a perfect fit with the ear: it is packed with useful technology to provide efficient reception, cutting out background noise, giving unequalled perfect sound, as well as offering echo cancellation and automatic volume adjustment for perfect communication all the time. Thanks to a special case, the Acer Ferrari Liquid E special edition is well protected, safe from dust and damage.