Ferrari owners at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore GP

An exclusive on-track program raised 378,200 US dollars for President’s Charity

Singapore, September 27th – Members of the Ferrari Owners Club Singapore attended the build up to the 2010 FORMULA 1™ SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. Ahead of the Qualifying Session, on Saturday 25th September at the Marina Bay circuit, 25 Ferrari owners took part in a track parade, led by the technological laboratory car 599XX, in its first appearance in Singapore. The event, dedicated to owners that want to experience Prancing Horse fun to drive at its purest, was arranged by Ferrari distributors Ital Auto Pte Ltd, in association with the Grand Prix organizers and Formula One Management.

The President of the Republic of Singapore, His Excellency SR Nathan greeted the participants before the Parade.

The parade was greeted by Scuderia Ferrari driver Marc Gené and took place under race lighting conditions. Participants, covered several laps of the track, in full view of the estimated 82,000 spectators. The 599XX, the extreme track car which incorporates the most advanced technologies resulting from Ferrari’s road-going and F1 research was followed by 25 Ferraris including examples of the most innovative 8-cylinder sports car, the 458 Italia, and the latest GT model, the Ferrari California.

“Over and above showcasing the best that the brand has to offer in an environment and atmosphere so in keeping with Ferrari’s illustrious racing history, we hope to use this platform to play our part for charity,” said Mr. Teo Hock Seng, Managing Director of Ital Auto Pte Ltd. “All proceeds, 378,200 US dollars, will go to the Republic of Singapore President’s Charity, which will in turn disburse the sum collected to a wider group of deserving recipients.”