Japanese ambassador to Italy meets Montezemolo: “Thank you for what Ferrari has done in Japan”

Maranello 24 October – Today Japanese ambassador Masaharu Kohno met Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo.

The embassador, accompanied by his wife, visited the Ferrari village and saw some of the recent models, especially the new 458 Spider and the FF. Khono wanted to thank the Ferrari Chairman for the generosity and the effort shown by the manufacturer from Maranello on the occasion of the tragic events, which had involved Japan, selling some shirts signed by the Scuderia drivers at an auction last July and especially for auctioning off the first FF, which will arrive in Japan. The more than 500 million Euro collected will be donated to the city of Ishinomaki, which was severely hit by the earthquake, where the money will be used to build a youth centre.

Chairman Montezemolo reminded of the strong connection between Ferrari, himself and Japan, a country where the cars from the Prancing Horse are especially loved and where numerous fans follow Formula 1. Embassador Kohno had the possibility to drive an FF and test a 458 Spider on the Fiorano race track next to the legendary Ferrari test driver Dario Benuzzi.