Tributo Ferrari : Pacific Coast 2013

The road continues to Monterey, California and this weekends’ festivities in and around the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. To mark the occasion, Ferrari owners have gathered for a three-day rally departing from sunny Pasadena and ending on the lawn at the Quail Lodge to kick-off the much-anticipated Motorsports Gathering on Friday morning in Monterey.

Starting from the iconic Pasadena Rose Bowl this morning, 26 Ferrari took to the winding roads through the scenic canyons around Los Angeles, the picturesque Ojai valley and finally arriving tonight in Santa Barbara overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Such notable cars as 288GTO and SA Aperta marked Ferrari’s heritage from classic to current models. In particular, several newly arrived F12berlinettas awed fellow-drivers and the California community alike who witnessed first-hand its awesome handling capabilities and exceptional performance on even the most challenging roads and by-ways.

Stopping for a gourmet dinner and to take-in the spectacular Santa Barbara scenery, the rally re-fuels and gets ready for another memorable day on the road to Monterey tomorrow…