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Ferrari Club of Malta

The Ferrari Owners Club was established in March 2001. Its main objestive is to bring owners together through club meetings at least twice a year.

For those real Ferraristi fans there is the Ferrari Fans Club, which was set up in February 1998.

Today the two clubs operate as one under the name Ferrari Club Malta. Its club premises are open on Sundays during Grand Prix events and on special occasions. At the Club, Ferrari Owners and Fans are able to meet and share the various Ferrari experiences from both sides, in a social atmosphere.


Ferrari Owners are invited to attend the Club activities and participate in the specific Club events organized for them through news letters. There are some 40 Ferrari Ovvners in Malta, with models ranging from the Ferrari 208 to the latest Ferrari 360 and Maranello. The Club also has some 800 registered members of which around 150 actively attend the club during Grand Prix and other events. This year the committee also proposes frequent forums with its members as these have proved to be very positive in keeping the club healthy with new ideas. Two of these forums have already been organized in February and March.

the president welcome

Ferrari Club Malta

Ray Vella

The impressive organization by Ferrari S.P.A. to bring together the worldwide clubs is no doubt a very positive move that demonstrates the commitment that Ferrari has with the Owners of these wonderful cars.

Last year we met in Florence, and the interaction link between the Owners and Ferrari was launched on a new platform. I am very pleased to attend this years meeting, together with my colleagues and look forward to developing a deeper relationship by promoting ideas that will best suit both our members, as well as the aims of Ferrari in achieving a true bond of excellence.

We have prepared some suggestions for discussion which we hope will receive appropriate consideration. We have olso organized various activities this year and we are in the final stages of completing a further event later this month. I am keen to explore other suggestions that will emerge from this meeting so that we can exploit these together.

On behalf of our club and my colleagues, I would wish to thank Ferrari for this second meeting and feel confident that we shall be able to conclude this weekend with wonderful ideas and plans to incorporate next year.


FOC name: Ferrari Club of Malta
Foundation: 2001


President: Ray Vella
Vice President: Kenneth Attard
Treasurer: Gerald Zammit
Logistics: Joe Zefara; Anthony Scicluna