Ferrari Owners' Club Norway

Ferrari Club Norway

Ferrari Club of Norway

Ferrari Club Norway was founded in 1999 by Tron Obrestad, and we received official certification from the Ferrari Owners’ Club Coordination in 2005, thanks to a club member purchasing an FXX. The Club’s goal is to create and cherish a serious and positive Ferrari Owners community in Norway. This incorporates organizing driving and social activities for our members. We consider the Ferrari Club Norway to be a social utility tool for our members, where fellow Ferraristi can form lifelong friendships and participate in unforgettable experiences together.  We focus on driving our cars together, so naturally the club’s focus lies mainly on roadtrips.


Each year we embark on our Tour d’Italia which is a roadtrip to Maranello, often visiting other clubs and participating in their activities on our way to the birthplace of our passion. The trip culminates with us parking our cars in front of the factory gate – a task not always easy to organize(!) – and going on a factory tour.

In the recent years, the FOC Nordic Meeting has become one of our blue chip events. Every year, either the FOC of Norway, Sweden, Denmark of Finland host the other clubs for a weekend designed to showcase the best of their country. This has proven to be a great success and the turnout increases year-by-year.

Keeping on tune with the international spirit, we always welcome members from our neighboring FOC’s to join our events. We have had several international members join our annual Westland Tour, a trip which takes members across arguably the most picturesque sites in Norway; Geiranger, Hardanger etc.

We have a close and positive cooperation with our local Ferrari agent AutoXO Sport. They serve as our Official Partner and offer preferential aftermarket prices exclusively to our members as well as a Nordic Price Guarantee on servicing. We as a club are very happy and thankful to have such close support from AutoXO Sport.


FOC name: Ferrari Club Norway
Foundation: 1999
Number of members: 158
Address: Øvre Strandgata 47 N-4005 Stavanger


President: Wolfgang Wandl //

Vice President: Stein Cometti Koppervik //

Treasurer: Ulf Linås //

Secretary: Trude Ingebrigtsen Bjørnestad //

Sponsor Relations: John Arne Jensen//

Membership Service: Håkon Andresen //

Board Member: Anne Lise Verpe Sandok //