2000 miles in three days on British roads: the FF’s extreme usability

Numerous car and lifestyle magazines have been talking about the FF, praising performance, comfort and safety under all conditions. But until this day the four-seater Ferrari with four-wheel-drive has never appeared on the cover of a magazine dedicated to hunting and sports fishing.

Until today, when the editor-in-chief of the British Sporting Shooter magazine used the car for an exciting challenge in Cornwall, Yorkshire and Scotland.

The FF had to transport the necessary equipment for hunting and fishing, using the charateristics of a typical shooting brake: 450-litre boot, extendable to up to 800 thanks to the possibility to fold over the rear seats, offering the possibility to fit longer objects. The journalists drove over 2,000 miles over a weekend from South to North, appreciating the FF’s exceptional comfort of the seats and the offered space.

From the Yorkshire woods to the Scottish lochs, the V12 from Maranello showed itself from its best side under different road and weather conditions: wet tarmac on the motorways, B-roads in the country side and even on dirt lanes. The FF showed that it can be the perfect travel companion with its 660 bhp, the electronic dynamic control system and the exceptional 4RM, the four-wheel system patented by Ferrari.