A morning in Maranello with Venice Festival jury president Michael Mann

Maranello, 31 August – Director Michael Mann took some hours off today from his role as the President of the jury at the 69th Venice Flm Festival. Mann, who is a great fan of the cars from Ferrari, benefitted in the morning from a visit at the Works in Maranello, discovering the latest model from the Prancing Horse, the F12berlinetta.

Mann, direrctor of films such as Collateral and Miami Vice, was accompanied by his wife and visited the Works, where he was especially interested in the Tailor Made department and the assembly, fascinated by the work carried out by hand and the details of the stitches, the precious leather and the cars’ interors.

After the Works he went to Fiorano, where he got to know the F12berlinetta and drove it on the track. “It’s always exciting,” he told Ferrari.com, “sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari. It’s like being behind a camera, they are two similar emotions. I own a 599 GTB Fiorano and a 599 GTO and I can say that the new F12berlinetta is fantastic. You’re extremely connected to the car and you create a connection you have with a camera….the same concentration, the same emotion.”

In Maranello he also told about his role as the Head of the jury in Venice. It’s a great honour for me and for all the members of the jury. As a director the incredible part is that we see innovative and beautiful works, how the way to tell a story changes, how cinema innovates and renovates the research of avant-garade. Events like the Festival in Venice are a unique opportunity to see these movements all together.”

Innovation and change are also two main topics for Michael Mann: “The world is changing and the Far East is playing more and more a relevant role also in cinema. Just like new realities like the Iranian “Separation”, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Cinema is always in evolution, just like Ferrari,” Mann said. “Every 3 or 4 years we see new things, which is very important, because we are telling stories, we represent images. The way of telling the stories evolves with technology and the media… We’re exposed to so many stimuli and content these days.”

Talking about innovation: before he left Maranello, Mann met Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa, talking about upcoming products and the evolution of the range, before e left for work at the Laguna of Venice at the Festival in an FF, the 4-seater with four-wheel-drive from the Prancing Horse.