Alonso and the F12 on track at the Nordschleife

Doing interviews is probably not a driver’s favourite pastime, but when it involves grabbing a steering wheel and putting the pedal to the metal to unleash the sort of power which is almost on a par with that of a Formula 1 car, then this actually becomes a pleasure, even if it involves twenty minutes being filmed by German TV company RTL. Then, if on top of that, it takes place at one of the most amazing race tracks in the world, the Nurburgring Nordschleife, it’s really the icing on the cake. That was the case for Fernando Alonso, at the wheel of the F12berlinetta, in the video we present today. “Driving here is spectacular and gives you a great feeling, while driving it in an F12 is really the top,” said Fernando. “This is my favourite Ferrari: powerful, beautiful and unique to drive. It’s a shame Formula 1 no longer races at this track, but I think it would be too dangerous.”

It was the first time that the Scuderia driver has been able to drive a Ferrari road car on the Green Hell and this is what he had to say as he stepped out of the car: “the thing that hits you immediately is the amazing power of the engine, but also its flexibility as the revs rise like on a Formula 1 car and never seem to want to stop. It’s got sharp steering, to the extent it doesn’t even feel as though the engine is in the front. The grip is great going into the corners and it reacts really well, as if you just have to think and the car turns. All in all, it is great fun, with an amazing sound too!”

Also having fun and maybe getting a little bit scared, at least judging by his occasional exclamations, was Jan Krebs, the interviewer-passenger who sat alongside Fernando.

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