Bronze equals gold

Maranello (Modena), 15 February 2010 – At the end of a race jeopardised by warm temperatures, preventing the Ferraris on ice to perform as they could, and a modified track, due to the tragic accident of Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili, Armin Zöggeler conquered the bronze medal, his fifth medal in a row after bronze in Lillehammer, silver in Nagano and the two gold medals in Salt lake City and Turin. The decision to shorten the track by 200 metres and eliminating its top end where the Italian – lighter, compared to his German competitors – was able to gain speed, compromised his run. Zöggeler concluded the third heat on the sixth place, while regaining in the fourth and decisive heat and therefore defending his third place on the podium behind the Germans David Möller and Felix Loch, the youngest Olympic gold medal winner in the luge competition ever.

The upcoming challenges of the Italian national team at the Olympic Games in Vancouver, with technology provided by the collaboration between CONI and Ferrari, involve skeleton on 18 February at 4pm local time (19 February at 1am in Italy), while the first heat in the two-man bobsled is set for 20 February at 5pm (21 February at 2am in Italy).