Businessweek: “Ferrari’s successful strategy”

Businessweek: “Ferrari’s successful strategy”



Maranello, 3 March

The Geneva Motor Show opens its doors tomorrow, when Ferrari will launch the new California T, which is already booking its place as the star of the show. The new model stands out with its elegance, sporty nature, versatility and, of course, its exclusivity. This also happens to be a time when the Maranello marque is garnering praise from economy and business experts for the strategy it is adopting which is proving to be very much the right choice. In a recent article, the prestigious American magazine, Businessweek, acknowledged that the Maranello company and its President, Luca di Montezemolo had put in place a strategy destined for success.


“Every company must grow, but growth isn’t solely about getting bigger,” said the Businessweek article. “If you increase volume too quickly, you can easily run into product or service quality issues and internal culture conflicts. By focusing instead on cultivating fierce customer loyalty, you can create not only a virtuous cycle of profit and reinvestment, but a growing sense of pride and satisfaction as well. As Ferrari’s di Montezemolo put it, “The quality of the sales is more important than the quantity.”